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The Doggy Gym

The Doggy Gym is a group class held at Atonement Lutheran Church of Beloit. The first part of the class focuses on foundation skills. After that, you choose from a long list of skills that you want to work on. The classes are small, so that each member gets quality training.

Canine Coaching Course

The Canine Coaching Course offers a structured way to learn how to train your canine companion. The course will introduce you to the basics of how dogs learn and teaches you how to leverage foundational training techniques so that you can create your own solutions for basic situations.

Private Lessons

Private training is a great way to head off unwanted behaviors before they arise, or work through current behavior problems. During a session, I can help you to understand how inappropriate behavior develops and offer healthy ways of encouraging alternative behaviors.

My Dog Training Philosophy: Train for Life, Train with Love

In dog training, my spirituality meets science. As a pastor ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), I have made a commitment to live a life that reflects Divine Love. As a person interested in science, I care deeply about what current research tells us about the world. My approach recognizes that the current science is showing that the most healthy and effective form of dog training is that which nurtures a loving relationship between canine and human companions.

I want my business to be something that makes the world a better place, not just for dogs, but also for people. Therefore, I've aligned my business according to a set of values that emphasize this goal. I believe that working with dogs in a way that brings out the best in them is great practice for doing the same with other people. Yes, that means that an adapted form of "clicker training" will work on kids, too (as well as adults).

My dog training business is based in Beloit, WI. The facility I work out of for group classes is Atonement Lutheran Church of Beloit. I also conduct training over Skype. Therefore, those who are not in the area of Beloit, WI still have access to me and my services.

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Do you have questions or want to discuss the possibility of working with me? Just fill in my contact form and send me an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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