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Private Lessons

Nurture your dog's emotional health and wellbeing while you transform inappropriate behaviors into healthy, alternative ones.

Canine Coaching Course

Evolve into your best friend's hero as you find the deep resonance you long for with your canine companion.

Group Classes

Learn how to teach your dog basic household skills, as well as the special skills needed for your specific home environment.

Janet S. Says:

We're convinced that Bo is magic. We highly recommend him and so does our pup. :

Achieve Resonance and Responsiveness through Science and Love

You never have to use intimidation, fear, pain, or violence to motivate your dog ever again.

Newer, science-based, dog-training methods are force free and pain free.

You, too, can learn how to leverage the most recent advances in canine learning theory and motivate your dog from the inside-out.

 ~Deepen your connection and understanding with your dog ~

~ Watch your dog enjoy learning and responding to you ~

~ Take your "best friends" relationship to a whole new level ~

It's not "just a dog". It's your canine companion, who is a fully-fledged member of the family and deserves the deepest love and best care you can offer.

Loki and I - Dog Training in Beloit

Contact me and let's schedule an appointment for a free 30-minute phone call. It's time to take your pup on a walk into a whole new future together.

My business is based in Beloit, WI. My in-home service area includes Janesville, WI, Elkhorn, WI; South Beloit, IL; Rockton, IL, Roscoe, IL, and the Rockford, IL area. If you are farther than that, I can still work with you remotely through my Dog Training Anywhere program.

Process to Begin

Science-Based Dog Training: What It Is. What It Isn't. (Upcoming Series)

Dog owners often don't realize that there are several different approaches to training. Not all of them are healthy for your dog. Some are actually downright dangerous.

This initial installment in the upcoming series will help you identify the various types of training when you encounter them, and be able to discern how those trainers will treat your dog.

The rest of the series will cover canine learning theory and a discussion of various tools dog trainers use.

Science-Based Dog Training: Different Types of Dog Trainers PDF

Download the PDF script of the presentation and read it later.

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