The Team

Bo McGuffee, Owner of Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Bo McGuffee, Owner of Puppy Tutor Dog Training

My Dog Training Philosophy: Train for Life, Train with Love

When Puppy Loki entered my life, he catapulted me into the world of dog training. He was a handful, and I had to figure out how to raise him well. I immersed myself in the science of dog training and began working with others' dogs, as well as some dogs at Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, for practice. To delve even deeper, I spent a week studying at Peaceable Paws with the famous dog-training guru, Pat Miller. Eventually, I left my day job and officially began my new profession. Now, with five years of training dogs under my belt, I am the only modern, science-based, force-free trainer in the Beloit, WI area.

In dog training, my spirituality meets science. As a pastor ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), I have made a commitment to live a life that reflects Divine Love. As a person interested in science, I care deeply about what current research tells us about the world. My approach recognizes that the current science is showing that the most healthy and effective form of dog training is that which nurtures a loving relationship between canine and human companions.

I want my business to be something that makes the world a better place, not just for dogs, but also for people. Therefore, I've aligned my business according to a set of values that emphasize this goal. I believe that working with dogs in a way that brings out the best in them is more than just about working with dogs. It's great practice for relating to other people as well. Yes, that means that an adapted form of "clicker training" can indeed work on human kids (as well as adults).

Meet My Assistants

When working over Skype, I need a way to illustrate exercises so that you can duplicate them. That's where the McBuppies (short for "McGuffee Buddy Puppies") come in. I think of them as my assistants. They think they're the stars of the show.

McBuppy Number 1


McBuppy #1

Loki is a 75-lb German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. He arrived in my house at the age of 3 months from Free Spirit. Over the last few years, he has taken me through the adventures of puppyhood and adolescence. He is incredibly smart and loves to figure things out (which can be a source of concern at times). I adore and nurture the way he expresses his strong, independent side. We started bonding on the first day I met him, and that bond grows stronger every day.



McBuppy #2

Lugh is a 65-lb Siberian Husky. His coloring is blue-merle, which is rare in huskies. He came to me from Free Spirit at about a year old. When they rescued him, he was skin and bones. He came with a lot of baggage. His separation anxiety was difficult to work through. He wanted to leave the yard, until I trained him not to. And watching the "real" dog emerge over the last couple of years has truly been a source of joy in my life. Lugh has arrived, and continues to arrive.

Work with Me and Experience the Transformation

Join the ranks of those who have witnessed the change in their own dogs! Email me through my contact form, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. We will then talk on the phone for a half hour (free of charge) to discuss how I can help.