Dog Training Done for You

What is commonly known as "Day Training" is popular because life seems busier now than it ever has been. It is no longer the old 9-5 world. Between work and family obligations, people's time is at a premium, and when free time does emerge, people can be too tired to do more than veg in front of Netflix.

Thanks to various time obligations and other stressors, the reality is that...

Not everyone has time to train their dogs.

Yet, we know that having a dog who listens can bring down stress levels in the household. Being able to regularly pet and play with a canine companion has shown to have a physiological effect that helps people to relax. Who wouldn't want that?

But, having a dog in the house doesn't necessarily ensure this. Indeed, having an unruly canine can actually add to the stress levels of a household, which is something that we all probably want to avoid.

I Can Train the Basics for You

What if your dog could learn to listen to you quickly? What if you could learn to communicate effectively with your dog quickly?

The most difficult part of basic training is the initial process. It's the part where the dog is learning the behavior. In the end, we put a behavior on a "verbal cue", which is to say a word, like "sit". Once the dog knows what that word means, then it's just a matter of maintaining and refining the behavior, which is the easier part.

I can get you past the difficult stage and into the easy part without you being present.

How Would This Work?

We would arrange a time and place for me to come work with your dog. This could be in your home (I would have to be granted access). If your dog is in daycare (a great daycare that I recommend is The Dawg Zone in Janesville), then we could make arrangements for me to meet the dog there.

I have a few "a la carte" Modules for you to choose from. Each Module has a limited number of behaviors and days. You can mix-and-match, but you have to start with Module 1.

Initial and Final Meeting -- No Extra Fee

I will need to meet with you and your dog for a half hour (or more) before we start. That will enable us to work through any arrangements we need sort out, as well as allow me to meet your dog. If your dog already knows some skills, this is the time to show them off.

Once I have finished, we will meet again for a half hour (or more) to show you how to maintain and continue the training. I have started your dog off on the right paw. After I'm done, it is up to you to continue the training.

Module 1: The Very Basics (2 Sessions, Required Start) -- $80

During this workout, I will teach your dog to pay attention to you, "sit" on cue, and "come" on cue.

Module 2: More Basics (2 Sessions) -- $80

I will teach your dog "down" and "leave it".

Module 3: Introduction to Loose-Leash Walking (2 Sessions) -- $80

I will start your dog on the path of learning not to pull on a leash. (Note: This may require you to purchase a front-clip harness, such as the PetSafe Easy-Walk Harness.)

Module 4: Basic Impulse Control (2 Sessions) -- $80

This can be really hard for some dogs. During this Module, I will introduce your dog to "leave it," "take it," and "wait".

The End Result

Some dogs learn faster than others, and I don't know how fast your dog will learn. Learning speed can be affected simply by an ability to learn, or the dog may have learned bad habits that impede learning.

When I train, I work at the pace of the dog. That means that we will get as far as the dog's ability to learn allows in our allotted time.

My goal is to get your dog over the difficult hump of learning new behaviors. After that, it is up to you to continue with the easier part of the training.

Only for dogs good around strangers.

This is about "day training."