Pet Supplies

In order to keep my dog training prices low, I supplement my income with my online storefront for pet supplies (mainly for dogs). This store draws from Amazon (with whom I am an affiliate). That means that you can take advantage of Amazon’s lower prices and use their checkout system (when you go to check out, you will be taken to

When you shop through my storefront, it will not cost you any more than if you were shopping directly on Amazon. Furthermore, by purchasing through me, you support my mission financially and help me keep my dog-training prices as low as I can. If you want to know my thoughts on and experience of a product, I will write something in the product description for each item.

If there are any products that you buy that you would like to see in my store, feel free to let me know what they are. This does not necessarily have to be anything that you personally buy; it can simply be something that you think others might find valuable. I cannot guarantee that I will add it, but I will consider it. Keep in mind that I do not add products to my store that do not align with the values that I uphold as a positive dog trainer.

I want my storefront to become a resource for those who want to be responsible when buying products for their dogs, but don’t know where to turn. I also want it to be a resource for those on a budget. I will look into every product before I add it here. If I see something that makes me uncomfortable, I will not add it. If I just have questions, I will put them in the product description.

Please note that I am not a veterinarian.  When I have products on here that are medications or supplements, I have them here because I trust them, not because I’m actually recommending them. For any medications and supplements, I recommend talking with your vet first.