Nylabone Dura Chew Textured Souper

I struggled to find something for my “powerful chewer”. This is the best thing I have found. Since the material is softer than my dog’s teeth, the Nylabone Dura Chew gives way before they do, which means it doesn’t wear down tooth enamel. Over time, the dog will whittle away at it enough that you will need to replace it. Replacement should happen before the Nylabone is worn to the point where a dog can break off a larger piece.

Not all variations are available in the dropdown. To see all 5 flavors, click here.

Note 1: The display gives a few different options (see the default image). The specific one I recommend is the Souper. It is the one with knobs and ridges. My dogs love the bacon-flavored one. It is also available in peanut butter and original flavors.

Note 2: Depending on which you choose, you may select an “add on item”, which requires a minimum of a $25 order to complete checkout.

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  • Designed for strong chewers
  • Comes in various flavors
  • Natural-grade rubber toy
  • For dogs up to 50 lbs.


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