Here are what some past and current clients have to say about the value I bring to them.

Kevin C.

All dog owners will greatly benefit from the beginner classes. The teaching method was easy to understand, non-abusive, and was fun for us and for our dogs. Our relationship with our dogs strengthened greatly due to the trust built through these exercises. Bo was an amazing instructor. He was motivated, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended to both new and old dog owners who want to create a stronger bond with their pets and would like to have a better understanding of how to properly learn with them without physical punishment.

 Mallory L. (Skype client)

I have a husky who was rescued as a stray... Meaning we had to start at "hasn't even been trained how to sit". Not only did I feel valued and understood by the trainer, but the services here have helped me and my doggie bond and develop a mutual respect for each other too. The prices are definitely fair and scheduling is made easy. I used services for beginning/obedience-type sessions as well as kennel training/separation anxiety. You can't go wrong here for any of your training needs!! I can't say that enough. ūüôā

 April K.

Bo is fantastic with our two puppies. He's patient, kind and reads them very well. Most importantly, he has taught us. If you want a positive, force-free trainer with a true affinity for dogs, Bo's your guy!

 Laura G.

Vernon was wonderful with my two rescued, frightened Chihuahuas! He explained some of their behaviors to me which I did not understand, and was gentle and patient. Full of information! I would trust my sweet puppies to him without a second thought, and that’s saying a lot! I now have an empty nest, so these are my little girls; they are not pets if you know what I mean. He has a way with dogs, that’s for sure! I would not worry at all if Vernon is taking care of my girls. Thank you!!

Megan S. (Skype client)

It is my pleasure to recommend Bo McGuffee as dog trainer. He is a very patient and compassionate trainer and maintains that the dog is his number one priority, not the owner or leader. Mr. McGuffee strives to help the owners obtain success by positively motivating the dog. Mr. McGuffee teaches tone, body language, and counter-conditioning. These are delivered calmly with love and affection; or enthusiasm and excitement, whichever is appropriate to achieve the desired outcome. These lessons convey the dedication, devotion and commitment you have for your canine companion.
          With our case, we adopted two Siberian huskies who were extremely attached. They were believed to be a mother and daughter pair and had never been separated before. Before adopting them, we learned that one of our girls had cancer and was only estimated a year at most to live. We adopted the pair because for us, there was no other dog or dogs. These were our girls and it was quite literally love at first sight. God granted us one year and one month with our wonderful Issa. Simply some of the happiest times of our lives. Our baby Storm was suffering from extreme separation anxiety. She had never been by herself and had lost the only companion she ever really knew.
          With the help of Mr. McGuffee we have been training our dog and have slowly been improving her separation anxiety. We have learned so much from him and in our time of need, and he has gone above and beyond to help us. He has been a mentor, an informant, and a friend and there simply aren’t enough words to express how much he has done for us and how grateful we are to be working with him. He is simply the best trainer there is out there, and we wouldn’t pick anyone else, to help us with this time in our lives. We will always be eternally grateful.