The Team

Bo McGuffee, Owner of Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Bo McGuffee, Owner of Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Hi! I'm Bo, the Puppy Tutor Dog Trainer

I want to make a difference in the world. I'm more than just a dog trainer. I'm a pastor, artist, community manager, gamer, and writer, among other things. I view the world through a spiritually creative lens. I believe that human beings are best when they are connected in love.

My dogs, Loki and Lugh, remind me of that every day. When I'm out of sync with them, I not only feel it but I see it in their demeanor. When I start to get frustrated or disconnected, they quickly remind me of who I am meant to be. They continually teach me how to love others.

I see dog training as a way to enhance life for entire families. I am well acquainted with the struggles of everyday life. When we come home after a long day, it doesn’t help if our dogs behave in ways that make home life more stressful. Helping dogs learn manners and overcome behavioral issues is my way of helping people to enjoy life more.

If you are interested in knowing more about my spiritual life, check out my theological platform, Evolving Christian Faith Network. Or, buy my book.

Meet My Assistants

When working over Skype, I need a way to illustrate exercises so that you can duplicate them. That's where the McBuppies (short for "McGuffee Buddy Puppies") come in. I think of them as my assistants. They think they're the stars of the show.

McBuppy Number 1


McBuppy #1

Loki is a 75-lb German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. He arrived in my house at the age of 3 months from Free Spirit. Over the last few years, he has taken me through the adventures of puppyhood and adolescence. He is incredibly smart and loves to figure things out (which can be a source of concern at times). I adore and nurture the way he expresses his strong, independent side. We started bonding on the first day I met him, and that bond grows stronger every day.



McBuppy #2

Lugh is a 65-lb Siberian Husky. His coloring is blue-merle, which is rare in huskies. He came to me from Free Spirit at about a year old. When they rescued him, he was skin and bones. He came with a lot of baggage. His separation anxiety was difficult to work through. He wanted to leave the yard, until I trained him not to. And watching the "real" dog emerge over the last couple of years has truly been a source of joy in my life. Lugh has arrived, and continues to arrive.

Let's Talk

Do you have questions or want to discuss the possibility of working with me? Just fill in my contact form and send me an e-mail. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.