Training Methods

Training methods matter in dog training. I leverage canine science-based learning theory to motivate a dog from the inside-out. My force-free and pain-free approach sets dogs up for success so that they engage the exercises enthusiastically. In class, we use “lures” to help a dog learn a new behavior and to position the dog as desired. Once the behavior is learned, we fade the lures to avoid dependency. We engage in a process of proofing dog behavior. 

Typically, people know the approach as “positive dog training”. I prefer to be known as a “force-free dog trainer”, since it actually describes the methods that I employ. Another option would be “compassion-based dog trainer”, since it reflects not only my methods, but my spiritual commitment to facilitating loving relationships. All my methods support my guiding values. The Pet Professional Guild has taken a stand against "corrective" devices, and I stand with them. 

For more about why I’ve chosen this particular path, see my article “Why I Do Positive, Force-Free Dog Training”.

Me Working with Cinnamon and Sugar with Positive Training Methods
Me Working with Cinnamon and Sugar