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Private Sessions

Private training is a great way to head off unwanted behaviors before they arise, or work through current behavior problems. During a session, I can help you to understand how inappropriate behavior develops and offer healthy ways of encouraging alternative behaviors.

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Canine Coaching Course

The Canine Coaching Course offers a structured way to learn how to train your canine companion. The course will introduce you to the basics of how dogs learn and teaches you how to leverage foundational training techniques so that you can create your own solutions for basic situations.

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The Doggie Gym

The Doggie Gym is a group class held at Atonement Lutheran Church of Beloit. The first part of the class focuses on foundation skills. After that, you choose from a long list of skills that you want to work on.

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Making Quality Dog Training Accessible and Affordable

I have heard reference to the phrase "those who can afford dog training", and it saddens me to think that only those with ample finances should have access to quality dog training. It is standard to pay more than $100 for in-home privates. I understand why prices are high. They are "professional" rates needed to support the business and its infrastructure. Still, that kind of expense is not something that most people I know would be willing or able to bear.

I try to keep my business lean to keep my services affordable. I work with Atonement Lutheran Church of Beloit to keep group prices down. For those looking for economy-priced private lessons, I can work over Skype. This is a great platform for dog training. It also adds to convenience, since neither of us needs to travel.

Happy, well-trained dogs in homes can truly be a source of joy and comfort. Unhappy, poorly-behaved dogs can just as easily bring more stress. Bringing modern dog training into homes frugally is my way of helping improve the quality of life for entire families.

The value of dog training, however, really goes well beyond simply training dogs. For me, force-free training is ultimately about compassionate living. Science is showing us that the most productive way to work with your canine companion is through a loving relationship. That means being mindful of her or his physical and mental well being. But this isn't just about dogs. While we learn to work more compassionately with our dogs, we are also learning new and creative ways to relate to other people. So, when you support me through my services, you are also supporting my personal mission. You are helping me to promote an alternative, more compassionate way of being in the world.


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