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Making Humane Dog Training

Accessible and Affordable

Specializing in Private Dog Training So You Know You’re Getting the Best Training Possible

Dog Trainer Bo McGuffee with his dog, Loki

Serving the Area of Beloit, Janesville, WI; South Beloit, Rockton, Roscoe, Rockford, IL
Remote Dog Training Also Available

  • Bo is a great trainer. He has been working with Ryder and I have seen a improvement beyond belief. Ryder is 6 months old now and is doing great on his training with Bo. Bo is very good at explaining things to us and makes it very easy to understand. If you need help with your Puppy I highly recommend Bo to help you. He not only trains your Pup he also trains you to be a better dog owner. It is nice to have a well behaved dog. Thank you Bo for helping us with Ryder!

    Pat Hayden-Runaas Avatar Pat Hayden-Runaas
    May 24, 2017
  • We had our fist class with Bo a few days after we brought Gytha home at 10 weeks. At 5 months, we're doing Bo's group class, and we're doing really well! Bo is an amazing trainer — sure, he's great with the dogs (he's their best friend, I'm not even chopped liver), but he's also great with people. If you're on the fence, just do it. As long as you put in the work, you and your dog will flourish with Bo's guidance.

    Ren Rieskamp Avatar Ren Rieskamp
    November 28, 2017
  • positive review  he is a very good trainer and I will tell anyone who needs help I already did so I hope he gets more business bc he is the best and cheap compared to most people

    Roger Dye Avatar Roger Dye
    February 18, 2019
  • Our puppy became a whole new dog with Bo's help!

    Brandon Zweifel Avatar Brandon Zweifel
    February 9, 2018
  • positive review  I would highly recommend Bo! I started to have no hope with my two chihuahuas until I met Bo. Not only did he help train my dogs but he helped me understand them better. It only took two training sessions for my dogs and now everyone that knew my dogs behavior issues and went around them before now comes around them with no problems and notices saying “Wow, training really did pay off.”

    Paige Marszalec Avatar Paige Marszalec
    May 3, 2019
  • positive review  Excellent personalized training. I recommend his 6 week in-home class. No is patient and responsive to our particular situation.

    Liane Felton Avatar Liane Felton
    August 27, 2019
  • positive review  We recently adopted two 2 year old beagles that have some behavior issues. We contacted Bo for help and he gave us a lot of techniques and tips for kind and force free training to address these issues. We are already seeing progress in them and would recommend Bo if you need help with your dog.

    Lori Johnson Avatar Lori Johnson
    July 26, 2019
  • We just had our first training session with Bo. HE IS AMAZING! Teddy's first test came shortly after Bo left, when a visitor came to the door. One quick bark, no growling! WOW!

    Tracy Schoonover Terry Avatar Tracy Schoonover Terry
    July 18, 2017
  • Bo is amazing! He is full of information. He was able to work with our puppy who is leash reactive, and get her to happily meet another dog is less than 40 minutes! So awesome! I am so thankful I found him to help us, especially since other trainers told us they couldn't.

    Karleigh Kramer-Britt Avatar Karleigh Kramer-Britt
    July 5, 2017
  • positive review  I would highly recommend Bo. He was great with our 2 somewhat unruly rescues. He was even able to work with the one that was fearful of men. Bo taught us several techniques that have helped us tremendously with their behavior. It was definitely money well spent!

    Duane Sue Nettum Avatar Duane Sue Nettum
    October 12, 2018

Watch Your Dog Transform Before Your Very Eyes

Finally, a complete separation anxiety program that is easily affordable, even for those on a budget. 

Separation anxiety 3-fold display

See Why My Approach Makes Most Dog Training in the Industry Irrelevant

Achieve Resonance and Responsiveness
through Science and Love

You Never Have to Use Intimidation, Fear, Pain, or Violence to Motivate Your Dog Ever Again.

The newest wave of science-based dog training is force free and pain free.

You, too, can learn how to train a dog and address problem behaviors by leveraging the most recent advances in canine learning theory and motivating your dog from the inside-out.

It’s not “just a dog”. It’s your beloved family member. And your canine companion deserves the deepest love and best care you can offer.

Lugh and Bo Selfie
Lugh and I having fun with selfies.
Loki and I training outside
Loki and I training outside

A New Kind of Family Dog Training

I want to free you from needing a pro dog trainer in the future.

In other words, I want to train you to become a beginning dog trainer yourself.

In my Canine Coaching Course, I will teach you the very system I use to train dogs professionally.

That way, when you run into problems down the road, you can create and implement your own training plan to overcome your struggles…and save a ton of money in the process.

This level of dog training normally costs well over $1,000. But the Canine Coaching Course is designed for families on a budget and is offered at a fraction of the price.

I can’t imagine you getting this kind of value at this price anywhere else.  

Specializing in Private Dog Training

Private training is the best possible approach to dog training. Because you aren’t sharing my time with anyone, you have my full attention.

Working one-on-one enables me to tailor our lessons to the specific needs of your household, even if we are following a specialized agenda (as with the Canine Coaching Course or Separation Anxiety Starter Pack).

Private lessons happen either in your home or online over Google Meet. If you take advantage of the online option, the cost of private, one-on-one lessons becomes far cheaper than you would normally expect to pay for professional dog training.

Loki and Lugh leaving alone the turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans on the plate in front of them.
Lugh and Loki resisting the Thanksgiving dinners

Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in Beloit, WI. My typical service area is up to a 15-minute drive. Beyond that, I charge an additional fee for travel time. Remember, I can work with you anywhere in the world over Google Meet, which is a superior way to train your dog anyway. 

Typically, other trainers offer private lessons that run between 45 minutes and an hour. My standard private sessions for my Dog Training Anywhere Program (over Google Meet) run at least an hour. The exception here is my Introduction to Puppies class, which runs at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you sign up for classes in your home I will need to be strict about the time (1 hour for privae sessions) since I need to schedule for extra prep and travel time between clients.

I can’t answer that until I know more about your training needs. After all, I want match the training program to you and your dog. 

This is why I offer a free 30-minute phone conversation (as opposed to the norm which is charging for an assessment). During that call I will give you options and tell you what I think is best. It doesn’t cost you anything and it’s risk-free since you are under no obligation to hire me for services. You can click here to set that up. 

If you need more of a ballpark figure, prices for online training (my economy program) are listed on the service pages. In-home session pricing varies due to travel time. 

Contact me and we’ll work something out based on what you can afford.

Solving Your Dog-Training Problems Begins with a Free 30-Minute Phone Call

1-2-3 Process Graphic

Don't Put It Off Any Longer

Let’s talk about how I can help you.  

Just schedule a free phone appointment on my calendar. On the sign-up form, tell me about your dog and the issues you face. Then, I’ll call you at the scheduled time. On that call, I’ll ask questions so I can determine how I can help you best.

Since you are not obligated to sign up and it’s on my dime, the call is no risk to you

If you are looking for a dog trainer near you, my business is based in Beloit, WI. If you are not in this area, I can still work personally with you online through my Dog Training Anywhere Program (online dog training).

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Science-Based Dog Training: What It Is. What It Isn't.

Did you know there are several different approaches to dog training. Not all of them are concerned about your dog’s health and wellbeing. Indeed, some are actually downright dangerous.

How will you know who to work with and who to avoid for the sake of your dog?

Watch the video and learn to identify the various types of trainers and how humanely those trainers will treat your dog.

Science-Based Dog Training: Different Types of Dog Trainers PDF

Download the PDF script of the presentation and read it later. 

Free Attention-Training Ebook

Find out what my training is like BEFORE you sign up for classes.

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