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Canine Coaching

Online Group Dog Training Class

Learn an Entire Dog Training System in Just 7 weeks that Turns You Into Your Dog's Personal Trainer

Sorry, but the group classes are currently closed.

  • Bo helped my two scared Chihuahuas calm down and relax. They are happier and their anxiety is greatly reduced! I learned to read their body signals better, too. I'm so grateful to Bo for giving my dogs a better life.

    Laura Grossheider Avatar Laura Grossheider
    August 18, 2017
  • positive review  I would highly recommend Bo. He was great with our 2 somewhat unruly rescues. He was even able to work with the one that was fearful of men. Bo taught us several techniques that have helped us tremendously with their behavior. It was definitely money well spent!

    Duane Sue Nettum Avatar Duane Sue Nettum
    October 12, 2018
  • Bo is amazing! He is full of information. He was able to work with our puppy who is leash reactive, and get her to happily meet another dog is less than 40 minutes! So awesome! I am so thankful I found him to help us, especially since other trainers told us they couldn't.

    Karleigh Kramer-Britt Avatar Karleigh Kramer-Britt
    July 5, 2017
  • positive review  I reached out to Bo after my dog had started chasing my cats. He’s been a great help and I will definitely be using him again! I can not recommend him highly enough.

    Frances Klaverkamp Avatar Frances Klaverkamp
    November 17, 2018
  • We had our fist class with Bo a few days after we brought Gytha home at 10 weeks. At 5 months, we're doing Bo's group class, and we're doing really well! Bo is an amazing trainer — sure, he's great with the dogs (he's their best friend, I'm not even chopped liver), but he's also great with people. If you're on the fence, just do it. As long as you put in the work, you and your dog will flourish with Bo's guidance.

    Ren Rieskamp Avatar Ren Rieskamp
    November 28, 2017
  • positive review  Bo was phenomenal when we first brought our puppy home! He helped us build a great foundation with her and really gave us the tools to grow with her! HIGHLY recommend him!

    Jordan Alexis Avatar Jordan Alexis
    December 30, 2018
  • positive review  he is a very good trainer and I will tell anyone who needs help I already did so I hope he gets more business bc he is the best and cheap compared to most people

    Roger Dye Avatar Roger Dye
    February 18, 2019
  • positive review  I would highly recommend Bo! I started to have no hope with my two chihuahuas until I met Bo. Not only did he help train my dogs but he helped me understand them better. It only took two training sessions for my dogs and now everyone that knew my dogs behavior issues and went around them before now comes around them with no problems and notices saying “Wow, training really did pay off.”

    Paige Marszalec Avatar Paige Marszalec
    May 3, 2019
  • Our puppy became a whole new dog with Bo's help!

    Brandon Zweifel Avatar Brandon Zweifel
    February 9, 2018
  • positive review  I have nothing but good things to say about Bo and his training. I was feeling very helpless with my dog Duke and his behavioral issues and am very glad I found his website online. Bo came to our house to work with our dog Duke. He asked tons of questions to understand what we wanted out of the training, and to understand Duke and what his needs were as well. By the fourth session I had seen a ton of improvement with Duke, and also feel more confident having the tools to help set him up for further success. I highly recommend contacting Bo for any of your dog training needs!

    Rebekah Tisdale Avatar Rebekah Tisdale
    June 20, 2019

This Unlike Any Other Group Dog Training Class Out There

The goal of most other dog-training programs out there is get you to sign up for as many classes as possible. 

It’s the whole “give them just enough to get them to buy more” approach. (Yikes!)

Well. that’s NOT how I do things.

My goal is to teach you how to become a mini-trainer in as little time as possible, with as little financial investment on your part as I can get away with.

And here’s how I do it…

Want to know why my Canine Coaching Course is the best dog-training program out there? 

Notice the Difference

When someone contacts me and asks me for private lessons to help them with their dog, I go through this process…

Number 1

I listen to their story and identify the key issues.

I go to my dog-training toolbox (which is my understanding of the basic concepts, principles, and techniques of modern, science-based, force-free dog training) and create a lesson plan. 

I help my client impliment the plan and smile as they excitedly watch their dog transform before their very eyes. 

Right now, the difference between you and me is…

I have access to that dog-training mental toolbox and you do not.

That’s why you need to pay me to help train your dog. 

The reason the Canine Coaching Course Group Dog Training Class is different from other dog-training classes is I give you access to that toolbox, whereas other training programs hide it so you have to keep buying their classes.

Once you have access to that toolbox, you cease being a dependent student and become an independent mini dog trainer. 

Who is This Class For?

Loki and Puppy Tutor Dog Trainer

Loki (Training Assistant #1) showing off. Yeah, he does that.

When looking for a dog trainer, you should seek out someone who is on the same page as you. You want someone who shares the same values as you, someone who wants to use the same tools and techniques as you. 

If you and your trainer are not on the same page, your trainer will want to go in one direction while you want to go in another. 

You can’t expect that experience to go very well. 

This class is for those who want to learn how to train your dogs with exclusively modern, science-based, force-free dog-training methods.

My system is not designed for those who want to use tools or techniques that leverage intimidation, fear, pain, or violence (a.k.a., “aversives”). In fact, I don’t allow the use of aversives in any of my classes.

So, if you want to use choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, leash corrections, etc., sorry but this class is not what you are looking for. 


If you want to get access to this force-free trainer’s mental toolbox by learning the basic concepts, principles, and techniques of modern, science-based dog training, then this is EXACTLY the class you are looking for.

Over the Span of Just 7 Weeks, You Will Learn...

1–The foundational method I used to train basic behaviors

2–How to use that method to teach a dog to do things

3–How to use that method to teach your dog to not do things

4–How use your training to intentionally strengthen your bond and relationship with your dog

5–How to shape a complex behavior, Part #1 (go to a mat)

6–How to shape a complex behavior, Part #2 (loose-leash walking)

7–How to work with emotions

Bonus: 1 Private Lesson

1-on-1 Time with Me

Along with the 7 weeks of group training, you also get a single private session over Google Meet with me. 

You can use this as a make-up class (just in case you miss one), or you can use it to get personalized help with your dog’s struggles. 

This private lesson is the ideal place to ask me your dog-training questions that aren’t suitable for a group-class setting (which would include anything outside the class agenda).

Having access to me for 1-on-1 personal dog training will allow you to deepen your understanding of the principles, concepts, and techniques of modern, science-based dog training and strengthen your ability to work with your dog. 

If you were in any other group dog-training class, you would need to buy private lessons separately (at about $100–$125 per session). This personalized access to me is part of what makes this class so powerful. 

Dog Training with Lugh

Time for Lugh (Training Assistant #2) to do his thing.

Here's what Bob says about working with me...

Just finished this training course and cannot say enough good things about it. Puppy Tutor gives you all the knowledge in order to properly train your dog. Admittedly I was a bit weary of online training but this exceeded my expectations.

What This Group Dog Training Class "Is" and "Is Not"

The focus of this course is on teaching you the system I use to train. Because this is a group class with shared time, I need to remain focused on that content in the group sessions.

I realize that people often sign up for dog-training classes because they have struggles at home that they need help with. Unfortunately, a group class setting is not the appropriate place to address household issues. 

That’s why I’m adding in 1 private lesson. That lesson can be used as either a makeup class for missed group sessions or to focus on help with household issues. It’s up to you.

What are Some Benefits of This Online Group Dog Training Class?

Number 1

No other dogs around means your dog has the opportunity to focus on training and learn more.

No traveling to a facility saves you time in your day that you could spend doing other things.

No pressure to buy treats or products off the shelf will save you more money than you initially realize.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of the group class is for one dog. If you want another dog to participate as well, I want to treat it like a completely separate student. 

That means a separate training space, adult primary handler, and device to log on with. This way I can see how the dog is doing and give feedback appropriately. It also prevents the chaos of having dogs next to one another. 

If your dog is prone to wander off and check things out (which is especially the case in multiple dog households), you might want to consider putting your dog on a leash attached to a basic flat collar or harness. In fact, I recommend that you use a harness (ideally front and back clip) for walking your dog. You want to avoid pressure on the neck caused by the leash. Otherwise, you won’t need any special equipment for your dog for this class (other than motivating treats, of course). 


I do not offer makeup sessions to students as part of the package. When you sign up, you get 1 private session. You can use that for a make-up class. If you end up needing more than the 1 private session, you can purchase those separately as needed. 

First, you contact me via the form. Please fill in the entire form. 

Once I approve the application, I will send you an invoice to the email you gave me.The due date for the invoice will be 1–2 days after I send it. Please make sure to give me an email that you will check, otherwise you may miss the opportunity. 

Once you have paid, I will enroll you in the class. Once the class has enough students to start, I will send you a welcome email with a link to the online classroom and your orientation videos so you can watch them before the first class starts.

This course is for dogs of all ages. Since dogs are not next to each other in a room, we don’t have to worry about the general chaos and inappropriate behaviors across age and size groups. 

The primary purpose of this course is for you to learn the basic principles, concepts, and techniques of modern, science-based dog training. So if you have a small puppy, it’s okay if they don’t pick everything up right away. You will have plenty of time later to help them learn more. 

How Much Does This Cost?

Canine Coaching Online Group Dog Training
(7 sessions + 1 private session)

Only $199

Group Class #1 Time: first Saturday of the month, 10:30 am CST, 7 consecutive weeks. 

Group Class #2 Time: first Saturday of the month, 1:30 am CST, 7 consecutive weeks. 

The 2 class options stagger. One month, Group Class #1 opens for enrollment. The next month, Group Class #2 opens. 

The online private session is good for 2 calendar months starting on the initial group class start date. If you use it for additional training for household issues, I recommend waiting until you have completed at least half of the group course. (Scheduling is subject to availability.)

* Minimum of 3 students to start

* Price is for 1 dog. 


To reserve your spot, contact me through the form below. It is first come first serve, so you want to contact me early.

After approving your application, I will send an invoice to the email you provided. The invoice must be paid by 6:00 pm on the Wednesday before the first class to participate.

I can only train a limited number of people at a time, so space is limited. 

Note: because the price for this class is ridiculously low, I require a minimum of 3 students to start the class.

Deadline to Sign up and Pay for October 2022 Classes:

Wednesday, Sept 28th, 6:00 pm

Classes Start Saturday Oct 1, 10:30 am

reserve your spot
NOTE: I will send the invoice and instructions to this email address.
NOTE: Class fees are non-refundable. This class includes 1 private lesson. It can be used as a make-up class or personalized training. If more private lessons are needed or desired, they can be purchased at regular price.
NOTE: This class is specifically designed for those who want to learn how to use exclusively force-free dog training methods (an eligibility requirement). No aversives (choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, leash corrections, etc.) are allowed in my training.