Complete Dog & Puppy Training

The Canine Coaching Course

It’s More than “Just” a Training Class.

It’s an Entire System Designed to Open up new depths of life for you and your dog.

Complete Dog and Puppy Training

How Can the Canine Coaching Course Help You?

Private dog training at it’s best!

Through this four-session Canine Coaching Course, you will transform into your dog’s life coach as you learn how to train a dog. You will…

  1. Learn the basics of canine learning theory
  2. Learn key principles and concepts of dog training
  3. Practice implementing the theory into practice in a way that allows you to create your own solutions to less-productive dog behavior
  4. Teach your dog basic skills while you learn

Here is Amy R.'s Experience of the Canine Coaching Course (Complete Puppy Package)

Bo is exactly who we needed. He showed not only myself but our children how to train our pup in such a positive way, it amazes me! I’ve always leaned towards the “Alpha” training philosophy but after our 7 weeks with Bo, never again. …

It’s a wonderful thing to see a dog respond so positively to training from even my 9 year old son. Bo has given us the knowledge to continue giving our pup the positive, stress-free structure we all desire. It’s such an amazing thing to witness our pup learn to correct his own unwanted behavior in a non-violent way with just a few minutes of positive training that we learned from Bo. He gives you the tools to create an amazing bond with your pet. His methods become part of your every day life that before you know it, you aren’t taking 15 minutes here and there to teach. He helps you to interact with you pet that the positive reinforcement training becomes part of daily life. Before you know it, you and your pet are happily living together.

I just can not express how wonderful our time with Bo has been. I’m looking forward to taking Odin to Puppy Gym and watching the magic happen again. Best decision we made for us and Odin. I recommend spending time with Bo to everyone!

Are You Ready to Become Your Dog's Mentor?

I designed this in-home dog training course around a simple question: What do I wish that someone had taught me when I adopted Loki and brought him into my life?

I made a lot of mistakes back then. Through a lot of research, I have since learned how I could have done things much, much better. You can benefit from my personal experience and raise your dog to thrive in your household and to become a powerful source of joy in your life. I want to help you strengthen your bond and deepen your love for your dog. I want to help you find ways of getting the love that you feel for your dog out into your relationship, using only loving methods to train.

If this is what you want, then this course is for you.

Wrigley Playing with His Feeder Ball

What's the Agenda for the Canine Coaching Course

Session 1

We begin with an overview of the science that drives my dog training. We will discuss how dogs learn, as well as how training methods affect dogs and what they learn. You will come to understand why a truly science-based approach is also a force-free approach, which avoids the use of intimidation, fear, pain, and violence.

Then, we move into the basics of clicker training. You will learn the proper way to use markers and reinforcers. You will also learn to do clicker training without an actual clicker.

Our first major exercises revolve around the concept of “luring”. You will learn about how lures work, how to use them, and how to fade them out so you don’t run the danger of “bribing” your dog to perform tasks.

Session 2

In our second session, we move beyond luring and into shaping. Success breeds success, so I want to set your dog up for success. I will show you how to use the clicker to work in increments to “shape” the specific behaviors that you want. As you see your dog’s performance improve, you will be able to see how powerful incremental learning is, and you will come to realize how you can shape nearly any behavior.

Session 3

In our third session, I’m going to help you understand why your dog sometimes seems “out of control” and show you ways to work with that energy. When I say “with”, I don’t mean “against”. In other words, I’m not looking at ways to stop the unproductive energy, but rather ways to redirect and transform it into productive energy. As you come to understand your dog better and engage your dog with impulse-control games, your dog will become more attentive and responsive.

Session 4

The relationship shared between human and canine companions is the foundation of all your training. You want to nurture and strengthen that bond. In this last session of the Canine Coaching Course, I will show you some practical exercises that are specifically geared toward improving your “trust fund” with your dog. Along with that, I’m going to introduce you to some concepts and techniques to strengthen all of the behaviors that your dog has learned through this class (and indeed will learn throughout life as you continue to train).

Expansion Sets

Deluxe Version

The Deluxe Version extends the course by two sessions (a total of 6 sessions). The first session will focus on bringing a variety of already-learned skills together to train loose-leash walking and heel. I will also introduce you to the power of backchaining to build more complex behaviors. The second session will introduce you to the basics of desensitization and counter-conditioning, which is important for fearful, shy, and aggressive dogs.

Complete Puppy Package

If you are looking for how to train a puppy, this is by far your best option. The Complete Puppy Package includes everything in the Deluxe Version, plus it includes my Intro to Puppies class, as the first session — at a significantly discounted rate! (A total of 7.5 sessions.)

In-Home Private Dog Training - Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Making Humane Dog Training Accessible and Affordable


Canine Coaching Course (4 Sessions)

  • In-home = $220 (travel times over 20 minutes incur additional fees)
  • Skype = $150
  • Add $20 for each dog after the first 

Canine Coaching Course — Deluxe Version (6 Sessions)

  • In-home = $320
  • Skype = $220
  • Add $30 for each dog after the first 

Complete Puppy Package (7.5 Sessions)

  • In-home = $390
  • Skype = $280
  • Add $30 for each dog after the first 

Getting Started is as Easy as...

Contact me using the form so we can discuss whether one of these options is best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will get back to you as soon as I can. (Note: I will require a phone call to ask questions and discuss.)

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