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Complete Dog Training Class

The Canine Coaching Course

It's More than "Just" a Dog or Puppy Training Class. It's an Entire System that Teaches YOU to Think and Train like a Pro.

Complete Dog Training Class

The Canine Coaching Course

It's More than "Just" a Dog or Puppy Training Class. It's an Entire System that Teaches YOU to Think and Train like a Pro.

Raving Fans of This Complete Dog Training Class

Halloween Special

Canine Coaching Course – Deluxe Version
Complete Puppy Package
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An Entire Puppy and Dog Training Class at an Economical Price

3 Total Levels. Choose What You Need.

 Basic Level (4 sessions)
Deluxe Level (Basic +2 sessions = 6 sessions)
Complete Puppy Package (Deluxe +1.5 sessions = 7.5 sessions)

a husky puppy being held

How Can the Canine Coaching Course Help You?

The best private dog training class you can find

Through this four-session Canine Coaching Course, you will transform into your dog’s life coach as you learn how to train a dog. You will…

  1. Learn the basics of how your dog learns
  2. Learn key principles, concepts, and techniques of modern, science-based dog training
  3. Practice implementing what you learn in a way that allows you to create your own solutions to less-productive dog behavior
  4. Teach your dog while you learn

In This Dog Training Class

I Will Teach You the Very System I Use to Train Dogs

Achieve dog-training independence since you will no longer need to pay a professional dog trainer for future basic training needs for any of your dogs.

Here is Shelbie's Experience of the Canine Coaching Course

I laid in bed tonight tearing up after my last class feeling like I’ve just said goodbye to a friend. Only talking to Bo for an hour a week for six weeks, my life has changed completely. 

My boyfriend and I share an anxious boy named Rusty who wasn’t fond of the new puppies my parents brought in. Bo helped us understand Rusty and his feelings. He taught my boyfriend and I how to understand our dogs and how to communicate with them better. He also taught us how to adjust to any situation and achieve the results we desire with patience! 

Rusty over time has done a complete turnaround. 

Words cannot describe how thankful we are to have had Bo in our lives. You can feel how much he speaks from his heart and puts himself in your situation. He’s truly one of a kind.

The Perfect Dog Training Class for Any New Dog or Puppy

“What do I wish that someone had taught me when I adopted Puppy Loki and brought him into my life?” 

That question led to the creation of this course.

I know what it’s like to be frustrated by my dog. I made a lot of mistakes back then. I’ve since learned how I could have done so much better. 

Now, you can benefit from my personal experience and raise your dog to thrive in your household and to become a powerful source of joy as you learn to…

The earlier you start, the better. 

If you want to integrate your new pup into your family using only loving methods, then this course is for you.

A puppy playing with his feeder ball from the dog training class
Wrigley Playing with His Feeder Ball

What's the Agenda for the Canine Coaching Course - Basic Version

Session 1: Foundational Method

We begin with an overview of the science that drives my dog training. We will discuss how dogs learn, as well as how training methods affect dogs and what they learn. You will come to understand why a truly science-based approach is also a force-free approach, which avoids the use of intimidation, fear, pain, and violence.

Then, you will learn the proper way to use markers and reinforcers. If you are familiar with “clicker training”, a clicker is a form of marker. In the course, you will learn how to do “clicker training” without needing to use an actual clicker.

Our first major exercises revolve around the concept of “luring”. You will learn about how lures work, how to use them properly, and how to fade them out so you don’t run the danger of “bribing” your dog to perform tasks.

Here’s the secret to the power behind the Canine Coaching Course. Discover everything dog trainers don’t want you to know.

Session 2: Shaping Behaviors

In our second session, we move beyond luring and into shaping. Success breeds success, so I want to set your dog up for success. I will show you how to work in increments to “shape” the specific behaviors that you want. As you see your dog’s performance improve, you will be able to see how powerful incremental learning is, and you will come to realize how you can shape nearly any behavior.

Session 3: Impulse Control

In our third session, I’m going to help you understand why your dog sometimes seems “out of control” and show you ways to work with that energy. When I say “with”, I don’t mean “against”. In other words, I’m not looking at ways to stop the unproductive energy, but rather ways to redirect and transform it into productive energy. As you come to understand your dog better and engage your dog with impulse-control games, your dog will become more attentive and responsive in real-life situations.

Session 4: Strengthening Your Bond

The relationship shared between human and canine companions is the foundation of all your training. Let’s nurture and strengthen that bond. In this last session, I will show you some practical exercises that are specifically geared toward strengthening your dog’s ability to trust you. Along with that, I’m going to introduce you to some concepts and techniques to strengthen all of the behaviors that your dog has learned through this class (and indeed will learn throughout life as you continue to train).

Basic Course Price: Starts at $220

*All prices are for online classes. In-home classes available for additional cost.

Expansion Sets for Advanced and Specialized Training

Deluxe Version

The Deluxe Version extends the course by two sessions (a total of 6 sessions). 

Session #5 will focus on complex behaviors. That means, when you ask your dog to do something, it will respond with a series of behaviors that are tied together. 

The content for this class can vary according to the needs of the household. Usually, we work on loose-leash walking and relaxing on a mat. 

The Session #6 will introduce you to my crash course in emotions. How do you work with a dog who is so overexcite they cannot hear you? Or so afraid they can’t stop trying to defend themselves? 

If you try to address these situations with a behavioral response, you’re chasing the wrong rabbit. This class will show you how to address an emotional issue with an emotional response

 Price: Starts at $320

$100 OFF

Halloween Special = $280

(Sale through Nov 3. Limited to the first 5 sign-ups.)

*All prices are for online classes. In-home classes available for additional cost.

Dog Holding Leash to learn loose-leash walking in the dog training class
A puppy sitting in his harness waiting for dog training class to start

Complete Puppy Package

If you have a puppy, this is by far your best option. The Complete Puppy Package includes everything in the Deluxe Version, plus it includes my Intro to Puppies class, as the first session—at a discounted rate.

During the Intro to Puppies class, you will learn about socialization, developmental periods and how to leverage them, what kinds of tools and toys are good for your dog and how to use them to maximize your training and your dog’s development, and how to address key puppy issues (such as potty training and puppy biting). 

When you add the Intro to Puppies class to the Canine Coaching Course – Deluxe Version, you get the Complete Puppy Package, which totals 7.5 sessions.

 Price: Starts at $385

$100 OFF

Halloween Special = $360

(Sale through Nov 3. Limited to the first 5 sign-ups.)

*All prices are for online classes. In-home classes available for additional cost.

What's Standard Pricing in the Area?

The average price for private dog training lessons in the wider Beloit, Wi area ranges from $125–$150 for a single session.
That would be $500+ for 4 sessions, $750+ for 6 sessions, and $825+ for 7 sessions.

*My low pricing reflects my commitment to “Make Humane Dog Training Accessible and Affordable”.

*If needed, I can accomodate houshold finances.

The Benefits of My Private Lessons are Amazing

A dog and human companion working together on mat work during a dog training class

You don't share my time with anyone which allows me to focus on you and your struggles

I can tailor the lessons to the real needs of your household and address your frustrations.

I can give you the most bang for your buck, making them the most economical approach Available.

For those on a tighter budget...

Check out the group class version of this program.

Making Humane Dog Training Accessible and Affordable

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Getting Started is as Easy as...

Sign up for a FREE 30-minute phone appointment on my calendar. 

During the call, I’ll ask questions so I can better determine how I can help you and your dog best. 

You are under no obligation to sign up for classes, so the call is risk free

So, why not call and find out what I can do for you?

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