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Dog Training Methods

You Never have to use intimidation, fear, pain, or violence to motivate a dog when training.

That’s worth reading again.

This is not a mere opinion. This is what scientific research reveals as a fact of dog training.

Going further than that, science also shows that if you choose to use intimidation, fear, pain, or violence when you train a dog, you run the distinct danger of “fallout”. That is to say that while you are “correcting” one behavior problem, you can create emotional issues that lead to other (and likely worse) behavior problems down the road. 

When working with a dog, you don’t want to do more long-term harm than short-term good.

This is good news for loving dog owners who want to train their dogs efficiently and effectively, but they don’t want to rely on harsh corrections or abusive training tools.

If this is you, then know that the discomfort you felt at the gut level upon encountering such measures was spot on.

Ryder with Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Ryder Thriving with Force-Free Training

My Methods Empower You to Do No Harm while Loving Your Dog

Learn to Train the Force-Free Way

Dog Training Methods Matter

In contrast to more traditional dog training that emphasizes corrections and enforcing one’s role as the “Alpha/Leader” of the “pack”, I leverage canine science-based learning theory to motivate a dog from the inside-out. My force-free and pain-free approach sets your dog up for success so that they engage the exercises enthusiastically.

In class, you learn how to use “lures” to help your dog learn new behaviors and positions as desired. Once the behavior is learned, you will fade those lures to avoid dependency. Through practice and the manipulation of reinforcement, you will strengthen your dog’s responses as they joyfully engage the learning process with you. 

You may know this approach as “positive dog training” or “clicker training”. I prefer to be known as a “force-free dog trainer” since it actually describes the methods that I don’t employ. 

I also want to distinguish myself from those who use “positive dog training” as marketing language to sell services, but are technically not positive dog trainers (if they were, they would not use corrections or abusive training tools). 

Another good descriptor for me could be “compassion-based dog trainer”, since it reflects not only my methods, but also my spiritual commitment to facilitating loving relationships. All my methods support my guiding values.

The Pet Professional Guild has taken a stand against “corrective” devices, and I agree with that stance. I am a proud member of Force Free Trainers of Wisconsin, and (to my knowledge) I am the only science-based, force-free trainer in the immediate Beloit, WI area.

For more about why I’ve chosen this particular path, see my article “Why I Do Force-Free, Positive Dog Training”.

Kevin C. Says...

All dog owners will greatly benefit from the beginner classes. The teaching method was easy to understand, non-abusive, and was fun for us and for our dogs. Our relationship with our dogs strengthened greatly due to the trust built through these exercises. Bo was an amazing instructor. He was motivated, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended to both new and old dog owners who want to create a stronger bond with their pets and would like to have a better understanding of how to properly learn with them without physical punishment.

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To find out how I can help you with your dog’s behavior, contact me. I offer the most up-to-date, force-free, humane, training methods available. Tell me about your struggles, give me a phone number with some good times to call, and I will be in touch for a free half hour on the phone.

Remember, the longer undesirable behaviors continue, the harder they are to change.

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