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Online Dog Training Classes Anywhere
(Over Google Meet)

Train in the Comfort of Your Own Home in Real Time

Why Train with Me over Google Meet?

  1. It’s extremely economical
  2. It’s unbelievably convenient
  3. It’s surprisingly effective

Training remotely through a video platform is a growing trend in dog training. While many may be surprised that it’s possible, once my clients have experienced my online dog training, they become converts. It is a fantastic way to work together. Let me break out the benefits of my Dog Training Anywhere program for you.

Online Dog Training Anywhere - Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Here's What Mallory Says about Working with Me online

I have a husky who was rescued as a stray… Meaning we had to start at “hasn’t even been trained how to sit”. Not only did I feel valued and understood by the trainer, but the services here have helped me and my doggie bond and develop a mutual respect for each other too. The prices are definitely fair and scheduling is made easy. I used services for beginning/obedience-type sessions [Canine Coaching Course] as well as kennel training/separation anxiety. You can’t go wrong here for any of your training needs!! I can’t say that enough.

Save Time and Money

1. Online Dog Training Classes are Economical

If a dog trainer comes to your home for private lessons, you can expect to pay rates that compensate for their time there and back, as well as for the session. This is reasonable. After all, they should be paid for their time. So, for an hour-long session with most dog trainers, in-home training can easily cost about $150 or more per session.

The reality is that you don’t need a dog trainer to come to your home for most cases. In fact, the presence of the trainer can diminish the quality of your training. 

Their primary goal for the session is (or should be) to teach you how to train your dog. They may demonstrate for you, but they want to leave the home knowing that you have demonstrated the skills necessary to move forward once they leave.

Working with you over Google Meet allows me to trim my time investment, which means I can also trim the price. Furthermore, I live in the Midwest and can charge you Midwest rates, even if you live in a more expensive part of the world.

2. Online Dog Training Classes are Convenient

If you have to travel to a dog-training class, you have to cut time out of your day for the trip there and back. You also have to deal with the frustrations of traffic and weather. Once you add gas costs, the overall cost of the course (not just in money) increases significantly.

My Dog Training Anywhere clients love the fact that they don’t spend any time traveling. They simply block off the time for our appointment, and that’s it.

It’s also convenient for me, and I appreciate that. While many other dog trainers keep fees the same for in-home and remote training services, I reduce mine as my way of thanking you for working with me in this way. 

Mallory with Emma and Lupin

Indeed, I have come to call my Dog Training Anywhere program my “economy dog-training program”. It’s a high-quality way that I can help those on a tighter budget.

2. Online Dog Training Classes are Effective

I admit that I love going into homes and meeting dogs face-to-face. It’s a great opportunity for me to give those beloved belly rubs. But, it’s also unnecessary in most cases for training purposes. My goal is to help you learn how to work with your dog. Remember, most of the actual training will happen by you after our session has ended.

When I need to demonstrate how to teach a behavior, I will call over one (or both) of my assistants, Loki and Lugh. I will walk my dog through the behavior as you watch. After I show you how to do it, I will watch you and coach you as you teach your dog the same behavior. If I were present in the room with you, the only difference would be that I would demonstrate the behavior with your own dog while you watch, rather than mine. Everything else is the same.

Limits of Online Dog Training

Of course, there are some issues that require a trainer to work with a dog in-person. In order to determine whether we would be a good match, I require a phone conversation (free of charge). This is not something I do just for Google Meet clients. I require it for all potential clients. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions of me, and for me to ask questions about your needs. If it doesn’t seem like we will be a good fit, I may decide to refer you to another trainer. If that happens, then I will be glad to help you find one who is force-free.

Whether I work with clients in-person or over Google Meet, my policies still apply, including liability waiver.

Unfortunately, There are Limits to What We Can Do over Google Meet

How much does this cost?

1 Session = Starts at $65

Get Help Now!

When dog training becomes convenient and economical, all excuses to put it off until “tomorrow” disappear. Your canine companions are an important part of your family. When they are well behaved and emotionally strong, family life improves. Dog training is a short-term investment in long-term quality of life.

To find out how I can help you with my online Dog Training Anywhere program, just fill in the form below. I will require a phone call, so it would help if you add a phone number and good times to call. Once I receive your message, I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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