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Free Dog-Training Ebook

If you can't get your dog's attention...

you can't reasonably expect your dog to respond to you

Through detailed descriptions of dog-training concepts and illustrated attention-building exercises, Bo will give you everything you need to transform a dog who ignores you into a highly-attentive canine companion. 

This 53-page ebook will help you…

Understand how attention works and adapts in different contexts

Get your dog’s attention off of something it’s interested in

Focus your dog’s attention on you

Imagine what your dog training will look like once your dog starts to see you as the center of the universe and consistently offers you its full attention.

Normally $7

Here's What Kevin Says...

Excellent training ideas and techniques has been proved very beneficial for our puppy. Would highly recommend Bo to any dog owner.

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About the Author, Bo McGuffee

Bo is the founder/owner of Puppy Tutor Dog Training in Beloit, WI. His approach to dog training is force-free and pain-free. He never uses intimidation, fear, pain, or violence (a.k.a., “aversives”) to motivate a dog. 

When you train with him, you know that you are using a scientifically-proven framework and methods that take dog training to a whole new level.

But this approach is about more than just science for him. While force-free dog training is indeed the most scientific and effective training available, it is also the most compassionate. In Bo’s eyes, the primary value of force-free training lies in it being the only approach that truly respects and works with who the dog really is, thus harmonizing the canine-human relationship.

Train for life. Train with love.