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1-on-1 Private Dog Training

Do You Want the Very Best Training for Your Dog?

Then this is for you!

Consider the benefits of private dog training with personal 1-on-1 instruction over a group class:

  • You don’t share my time with anyone else
  • Your immediate needs create our agenda
  • No travel time and fighting with traffic
  • Sign up for as many session as you need
A white dog happy about getting private dog training lessions

Want to Know Why I'm Not a Huge Fan of Group Dog Training Classes?

I’ve written a long dog-training article entitled, “Is a Group Dog Training Class Right for Your Dog” to explain.

Here's What Jen Says about Her Experience...

I spent almost 6 months trying out several methods and “tricks” for helping Brie (3 year old rescue) with separation anxiety and was out of ideas and lost as to what to do next, when Bo and Puppy Tutor Dog Training was recommended to us.
We signed up for his separation anxiety class and when I found out my other dog, Dax, was going to be involved in training as well, I kind of laughed because he doesn’t have anxiety issues.
But it soon became apparent that Dax had his own behaviors that should be addressed as well (resource guarding). Bo started tailoring our classes to BOTH dogs! 

We just finished up our classes and the lessons and positive reinforcement techniques Bo taught have really helped lessen Brie’s anxiety issues and with continued practice of the techniques and cues learned during the classes, it’s allowing us to spend more time together without the anxiety and resource guarding getting in the way.
The one-on-one, online format is so easy and effective. I would highly recommend this type of format as it allows the dogs to learn in their environment and makes it less stressful for the dogs and as a result makes them more receptive to the training.
It was fun watching them learn as quickly as they did. I really appreciated the way Bo would adapt the weekly lessons to the dog’s behaviors during the classes. That made these classes so much more valuable than I had even expected. Not only did the known issues get addressed but so did the unknown ones!
Thank you Bo, Loki, and Lugh!

What Behavior Problems Can We Tackle Together?

We can address whatever you need to address in a private session. A typical private dog training session has enough time to work with one or two behaviors. Regardless of the behavior issue, you will learn how to address it in an effective and humane way.

A dog playing in the mud who might need private dog training lessons

Here is a sample list:

  • Improved recall
  • Window barking
  • Crate training
  • Counter surfing
  • No-jumping/polite greeting
  • Loose-leash walking
  • Nail clipping
  • Braving the bath
  • Dog-dog reactivity
  • Muzzle training

We can also work on basic skills (such as sit, down, stand, pay attention). Typically, we can fit three of these into a single session.

How Many Sessions Will I need?

That all depends on the number or severity of issues you want to address. Some issues will only take a single session. Other issues will take more.

Any case that involves aggression or reactivity will need to be at least two sessions.

2 dogs looking through a fence
Three puppies ready for private dog training

Can We Work with More than One Dog?

Yes. I require one adult per dog in the class (not counting me). This allows focused training for each individual pup. 

If a situation arises in which additional dogs prove too distracting, then I will ask the dog handlers to work in separate rooms to allow the dogs to focus. 

Since more dogs typically makes it more complicated getting through a lesson, there is an additional fee for each additional dog. 

How Do I Enroll?

You will start by filling in the contact form below. In it, tell me the following:

  • the issues you struggle with
  • a phone number to reach you at
  • some good times to call
  • if your dog has a bite history, please tell me the details

I will then call you as soon as I can.

A large white dog bringing a toy across a yard

Before we meet in person, we will need to have a phone conversation. This will enable me to get a feel for where your dog is and where we need to go. I will ask a series of questions. These may include:

  • What is the history of your dog?
  • If dealing with issues, is there a context in which they arise?
  • How often is your dog out and about, around other people and other dogs?
  • Has your dog been trained by a professional before? 

During our time together, I will spend ample time helping you understand how dogs learn and process information, how that applies to your situation, and what approach you can use to attain your dog-training goals.

What's the Cost?

1 Session = Starts at $65

*Lower pricing reflects my commitment to “Make Humane Dog Training Accessible and Affordable”. 

What's Standard Pricing in the Area?

From what I’ve gathered, the average price for private dog training lessons in the wider Beloit, WI area ranges from $125–$150 for a single session

Get Help Now!

Feel free to set up a free 30-minute phone appointment. Please tell me about your issues on the form so I have an idea of what you are struggling with. 

Make sure you double-check your phone number and email address. If the number isn’t correct, I won’t be able to call you. And I use the email as a back up in case I need to get in touch with you outside of our call time.