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Dog Training Books

Ebooks Written to Empower You to Train Your Dog

These downloadable ebooks are great as stand-alone DIY training resources or supplemental resrouces for when you work with me personally. 

When you purchase ebooks from me, you are not only supporting me while you learn. You are supporting my mission, which is to “make humane dog training accessible and affordable”. 

How Dogs Learn - Bo McGuffee - Puppy Tutor Dog Training


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Make sense of and leverage how your dog is learning from you and the world around it. 

Pay Attention to Me Ebook Cover


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A framework for understanding attention and getting it when needed. 

Force-Free, No-Pull, Loose-Leash Walking Ebook Cover


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A gentle way to teach your dog how to walk nicely on a leash so you can both enjoy your walk.

Separation Training Ebook Cover


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A complete step-by-step program to help your dog feel comfortable being alone.