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Reactive-Dog Training

Do you feel overwhelmed because your dog is barking and lunging at other dogs or people?

Are you embarrassed by a dog who can’t seem to stop jumping on guests?

Is it impossible to take your dog on a walk because they can’t resist the urge to chase everything they see?

Working with Reactivity

When a dog is “reactive” that means that the dog has ceased to interact with its environment and is now either trying to defend itself in some way (fight or flight) or so over-the-top excited that it cannot pull it’s brain back together enough to listen. 

If your dog exhibits reactive behavior, please remember that your dog isn’t displaying a “behavior problem” from the perspective of the dog. It’s functioning in the way it knows best.

The problem is that your dog is struggling with emotions that are out of control.

reactive dog training
be proud of your dog

This is where dog training takes a huge shift. When working with a reactive dog, you are no longer functioning as a teacher of skills (“sit”, “down”, “come”, etc.). You are now stepping into the role of cognitive-behavioral therapist for your canine companion.

When you learn to function in this new, therapeutic way, you can go…

How I Approach Reactivity

When you come to me with a reactive dog (whether fear or over-excitement), I first help you understand how your dog is processing their world. I use the most up-to-date science regarding dogs and brains available to me. And, I pass on that knowledge on to you in a way that helps you make sense of your dog’s behavior. 

During our first session, I will introduce you to how your dog processes information and learns. Then, we will move on to foundational exercises that prepare us for future sessions.

Once you understand how your dog processes information, you are in a position to leverage that system. I will then teach you how to apply techniques designed to help your dog heal and overcome their emotional issues. 

Reactive-dog training will take time and patience. But all that effort is more than worth is as you get to see your canine companion enjoy life in whole new ways. 

how I approach reactivity

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

When we work with emotional issues, we work at your dog’s pace. That means we don’t want to push your dog to do more than it’s ready for at the moment. 

As a result, it’s impossible to determine how many sessions the healing process will take. We will simply start working, and we’ll continue until you feel you have all the tools you need to move forward on your own.

How Much Does This Cost?

2 Sessions: Starts at $170

Additional sessions = $85

*Must meet eligibility requirement

Get Help Now!

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