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Before You Spend $600 to $1,200 on a Dog Trainer to Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety, Read This!

all the Knowledge you need (AND SOME MOST DOG TRAINERS DON'T HAVE) for a Fraction of the Cost

Separation Anxiety Ebook - Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Transform anxious suffering into joyful contentment while you are away.

With this simple, yet in-depth ebook course, you will get…

An complete step-by-step training process to work through from beginning to end to keep you on track.

An entire scientific framework to understand the problem and what you're doing so you can adapt as you go.

Peace of mind knowing you are using an approach that won't do more harm than good in the long run (more important than you may realize)

“My dog had severe isolation anxiety. I had tried EVERYTHING before I contacted Bo. I came to him pretty desperate. My building and neighbors threaten me with getting me evicted if I didn’t fix the problem and/or return the dog to the shelter. Bo was amazing in every aspect. He was very very patient, he went at my dog’s speed and I never felt rushed by him. He really takes his time and always wanted to make sure that my dog was 100% comfortable with being crated while being alone. I honestly could give him 1000 stars if I could. He helped me keep my furr baby and I will be forever thankful for that.”  —Oriana

I Can't Begin to Describe what It Feels Like...

…when a client thanks me, with tears in her eyes, for helping her be able to keep her dog. 

Luna Resting in Her Kennel - Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Luna, alone at home, resting in her kennel

You see, Luna (Oriana’s dog) was struggling with separation anxiety. When Oriana left, Luna would cry and bark, frustrating her neighbors in the highrise. Finally management notified Oriana, and she knew she had to get help. 

At her wits end, she contacted me. 

We worked over Skype. I give her a lot of the credit for her success because she fully engaged my separation anxiety process (I’m very proud of her). 

And in a bit more than a month, Luna was able to relax in her kennel without Oriana in the apartment. 

It’s truly amazing to watch the panic fade away as the healing process unfolds. 

This is why I love working with dogs who struggle with separation anxiety. It’s about healing the human companions as much as it is about their canine companions. 

But, there’s also another reason this issue is near and dear to my heart…

I've Been Through This Myself

I know how important that healing is because both of my dogs (Loki and Lugh) have had to overcome separation anxiety in our own home. 

I remember the crying and destruction. I remember how hard is was on all of us. It was downright miserable. 

And I remember how much I wanted that magic wand to make all things better. 

But there is no magic wand. 

So I had to craft my own based on the principles of how dogs “worked” as I understood them at the time. 

And it worked!

And this was before I was a professional dog trainer. Yes, back then I was just a “diligently-informed dog owner”. 

Since then, I’ve grown a lot. My understanding of anxiety (and how dogs process information in general) and how to work with it has become far deeper. In fact, I use a variation of it with just about any fear-based issue I face with clients, from shyness to aggression. 


My Dogs Napping - Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Loki and Lugh Napping on the Couch

As a result, I’ve refined it to where it is today. 

Now, my separation anxiety process…

  • It is a lot less “trial and error”. 
  • It is more streamlined.
  • It is more efficient.

Want to Know a Secret?

Every time I work with separation anxiety, I suspect my clients believe that I’m creating an entire process just for their particular dog. After all, they watch as I adapt based on the situation, environment, and supplies available. 

But, truth be told and adaptations aside, I will go through this exact same process every single time for every single dog. 

My approach has turned into an intentional method that can be adapted to any dog. 

Yes, I'm Giving Away the Farm

In business, it’s generally considered bad form to “give away the farm”. 

That means you only give enough to get people to the next step so that they keep hiring you for their business.

This ebook is about me giving away the farm. There are no hidden steps. It’s all right there.

And if for whatever reason the information in there is not something you can make work for you, then I will take the price of your ebook off of my separation anxiety starter pack so you’re not out the cost of the book at all.

You Have Nothing to Lose!

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