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Separation Anxiety Starter Pack

If you’ve ever had a panic attack, then you know that dogs who experience separation anxiety are not just uncomfortable. They are in a state of emotional pain. The consequences of that pain are real. Untreated separation anxiety can lead to any or all of the following issues:

Separation Anxiety - Puppy Tutor Dog Training
Separation Anxiety Can Lead to Destructive Behavior

The pain is real, not only for your best friend but also for you. You worry about your dog’s wellbeing as well as the security of your belongings. Many people are quick to pick up the basic products out there that can help you calm an anxious dog. The hope is that they will work like a magic wand that makes the anxiety go away. But they generally don’t. Those are meant to work in tandem with training, not as a replacement for it.

You are your dog’s guardian, so it’s important that you find a way to help your pup through the necessary process of healing in some way. I have tailored this package specifically to meet your need.

Arnold in Kennel
Arnold Caught Napping in His Kennel

Why Is This Called a "Starter Pack"

Working through separation anxiety is a process that will not be complete overnight. This Starter Pack will continue more than a month, and your work will probably continue for some time after that. Once our time is complete, you have the option to continue to work with me through individual sessions (at a discounted rate), if you so choose.

How Will This Work?

The first thing we will need to do is to meet for one hour over Google Meet in order to discuss the issues involved with separation anxiety, establish a plan for managing the situation during the process, and discuss expectations.

We will then start meeting weekly, and we will begin working on the issue in our second session. The rest of the process will take us through a series of phases.

Part 1: Foundational Behaviors

As we prepare to walk your dog through a relaxation protocol, we need to make sure that we have strong building blocks in place.

Part 2: Departure Cues and Return

You might be surprised at all the ways that you make the anxiety worse by the way that you leave and return to your home. We will work with altering how you unwittingly, yet actively trigger, your companion’s anxiety.

Separation Anxiety is Hard on Both Canines and Their Guardians
Puppy Loki In His Kennel
Puppy Loki Learning to Love His Kennel

Part 3: Basic Kennel (Re)Conditioning

We will need to have some sort of confinement area. More than likely, that will be a kennel. Unfortunately, dogs with separation anxiety often perceive their kennel as a “scary space”. We want to change that perception into one of a “safe space”.

Part 4: Relaxation Protocol

With all the groundwork in place, we can now begin work on helping your dog remain calm while separated from you.

Part 5: Transitions

Now, it’s time to move from separation to absence. You will be working with your dog in a way that allows you to leave and be gone for short periods of time.

Part 6: Increasing Absence

I will help you use what you have learned to slowly increase the amount of time you are away.

Transitioning from Presence to Absence Can be Tricky
Relaxed at Home
Your Goal is for Your Dog to be Relaxed While You are Gone.

Will I Need to Buy Anything More for This Process?

Perhaps. It will depend on what you already have. Certain things are a must. These include materials for a confinement area (such as a kennel or gates), Kongs, and treats, among others. You may need to buy products that help with easing your dog’s emotional state. The needed purchases can vary depending on the situation.

Package Options

The Separation Anxiety Starter Pack

  • An initial hour-long Google Meet session to talk about the issue and work through expectations.
  • 4 one-hour-long sessions to work through the process.

Cost = $250

*Price is for online classes. 

The Separation Anxiety Starter Pack, Extra Support Version

This includes everything in the basic starter pack and then some. Here’s what comes with it.

  • An initial hour-long Google Meet session to talk about the issue and work through expectations.
  • 4 one-hour sessions to work through the process.
  • 4 one-hour “booster” sessions for additional coaching during progress.

Cost = $450

*Price is for online classes.

Lugh in Kennel with Chewbone
Lugh Hanging Out in His Kennel

What Previous Clients Say about the Program

Oriana (Skype Client)

My dog had severe isolation anxiety. I had tried EVERYTHING before I contacted Bo. I came to him pretty desperate. My building and neighbors threaten me with getting me evicted if I didn’t fix the problem and/or return the dog to the shelter. Bo was amazing in every aspect. He was very very patient, he went at my dog’s speed and I never felt rushed by him. He really takes his time and always wanted to make sure that my dog was 100% comfortable with being crated while being alone. I honestly could give him 1000 stars if I could. He helped me keep my furr baby and I will be forever thankful for that.

Nate (Skype Client)

We have worked with Bo over the past few months for treating severe separation anxiety in our 7-year old Siberian Husky. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bo and his methods. My dog had been through hell over the prior 18 months with one health issue after another. It got to the point where it almost impossible to leave him alone for 15 seconds before he was terrorizing our belongings and he had even become aggressive when he used to be the most gentle soul I knew. Within 4 sessions of working with Bo over Skype our dog had done a complete 180 and returned to the dog I knew. I was extremely hesitant of how successful dog training could be over Skype, but Bo sure changed my opinion on that. I now recommend Bo to all my friends with dogs. Give him a shot and I promise he won’t let you down. Thanks for everything, Bo!

Investing in Quality of Life

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, I recommend getting help right away. Some of you may want to avoid the bill. I can understand that.

However, consider that this is your canine companion you are helping. By getting early treatment, you are heading off potential health issues that could lead to high medical bills. You are working toward preventing the destruction of property that could also become quite costly. I realize that financial concerns are real for clients, so I try to keep my rates low to offset some of that pressure.

Dog Training is an Investment
Time Spent on the Process is an Investment in the Whole Family

Is the Separation-Anxiety Program right for you?

Adult Loki in Kennel
Adult Loki Loving His Kennel

Schedule a free 30-minute phone appointment so we can talk about how I can help bring relief to your entire family.  

Make sure to fill out the entire form. The more information I have the better I can prepare.