December 2018

Leadership vs Bullying in Dog Training

Me and Lugh - Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Me with Lugh

Have you ever heard someone say that you need to be your dog’s “leader”?

Unfortunately, whenever you hear that kind of language out of a trainer, it’s often an indicator that they are operating from a long-outdated framework. Not only are their methods obsolete, but those very methods have been revealed as being dangerous to your dog’s wellbeing.

While they are correct in saying that you should learn how to lead your dog, the problem is with their understanding of what leadership in actual dog training really is.

Sadly, this misconception of leadership in dog training abounds. Its widespread acceptance is surely influenced by the National Geographic Channel’s popularization of The Dog Whisperer and its brutal methods.

This makes it very difficult to talk about actual leadership in dog training without first addressing the misunderstanding.

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Buying Guide for a New Puppy or Rescue Dog – 2020

Congratulations on bringing a new family member into your home!

Puppy Loki - Puppy Tutor Dog Training

Puppy Loki Before I Met Him

What an exciting time for you. If you haven’t already considered it, I recommend starting with force-free training as soon as possible. The benefits of early training cannot be overstated.

While this is an exciting time, it can also be an expensive one. That’s why I often call what I do as “dog training on the cheap”. Because the financial impact of a dog can become immense, I try to keep that cost down for my clients as much as I can. I don’t ask them to buy anything that I don’t think that they will actually need.

When I do make purchase requests, I try to suggest the best pricing option I am aware of. Usually, this means directing people to Amazon. On average, they tend to have the lowest pricing.

Still, sometimes, cheapest is not always best. If appropriate, I’ll recommend a higher-quality, more expensive item, and then offer a cheaper substitute of lesser (but still acceptable) quality if your budget can’t handle it.

Now, let’s go shopping for your new canine companion!

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